What would you make with all the power technology provides?

Whatever the challenge Aytomic will rise to the ocasion, creating a transformative idea powered by technology.

App development

Expand your impact with an extraordinary mobile application that gets to the heart of what your customer wants right now - a mobile app worthy of your logo.

Software development

Our sweet spot is creating robust solutions based on custom software that can manage complex business rules and strategic technology tools.


Driven by the beautiful idea that we have the opportunity to design the world we want to live in — we choose an elegant & extraordinary world.

User Experience Design

We design meaningful and lasting results by delivering an extraordinary customer experience — transforming businesses through experience.

Hardware Enginnering

Your vision made real — together, we'll turn hardware engineering into your company's competitive advantage. If you build it, the customer will come.

Product innovation

We can help your company define big visions, turn ideas into realties and build extraordinary products, services and experiences.

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