Simply extraordinary

An atom is the basic building block of all matter, made up of three subatomic particles.

We believe the ability to create amazing things is also made of three items:
Research, Design, and Development.

So, what would you make if you had the ability to create something extraordinary

Would it be something never thought of before, or simply something engineered in a better way?

Whatever the challenge, we are positioned to help guide you towards building something truly extraordinary.

Founded in 2015, We have quickly grown our development team to span multiple countries. With offices in Ohio, Florida, and Mexico, we make many of our services available to over 190 countries.

At Aytomic we focus on creating strategic partnerships on the development projects that we participate in. Each project is thoroughly vetted to determine its synergistic values that it can benefit from through a partnership with Aytomic.

Not a typical for-hire development shop

We often finds ourselves in a position to invest in the projects that we participate in. We believe the opportunity to create something truly amazing is a direct result of the proper planning, execution, and vision of a dedicated team of experienced professionals.

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