At Aytomic we bridge the gap between a great idea and a world class product with a systematic research, development, and deployment protocol. Our development process towards product commercialization is built to best position our partners for greater success than they ever imagined.

Home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we are headquartered just outside of Cleveland, Ohio with offices in Florida and Mexico where we provide our services in over 190 countries to support all of our international clients.

Extraordinary Design starts with a Vision

A Vision to create the most engaging & Intuitive Experience

An Experience crafted through cutting-edge Engineering

And Engineering only capable through experienced Development

Which Development results in something truly Extraordinary

View Some of Our Work

Fleet management
made easy.

End to end, State of the art solution for monitoring, deploying, and managing a fleet of any size, in any industry

AIOT by Aytomic

Nothing to lose,
only customers to gain!

Bringing back your lost revenue one customer at a time.

Recovery by Aytomic

Shift your car from standard to street smart.

A complete connected car solution provider for the automotive industry.

Savy Driver by Aytomic

Lot Management made simple.

Whether you have 50 or more than 5,000 cars, managing your inventory has never been easier.

Savy Lot by Aytomic

The power of connectivity.

Keeping devices connected in over 190 countries with over 700 network providers at some of the lowest rates in the market.

Smart SIM by Aytomic

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